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Hi. I'm Liz, a Nashville-local pop art painter. I've been selling my artwork since 2009 when I was only painting watercolor nudes. I still love watercolor nudes (who doesn't?), but currently I am focusing on pieces painted with acrylic in a pop art style with a feminist twist.  

I've been making art for as long as I can remember. I am not classically trained. In fact, when I was in college I was a double English/Drama major and I worked in the Costume Shop. I picked up tips and tricks from my mother and grandmother, but mostly I just practiced a lot. A lot a lot. 

I love bright colors and bold lines in my work. I am inspired by pop culture, comic books, and anything that makes me laugh. But my focus right now as an artist is to make women feel inspired, emboldened, and totally badass. 

I started going by "The Pop Art Girl" in 2020, because that's what everyone calls me at art crawls and art exhibits. Even once when I was hiking someone yelled across a river, "You're the pop art girl, aren't you? I love your work!"

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