Artist Year-In-Review

Holy jeez, this year! Am I right?

This year started off fabulously with a sold painting. I was looking forward to big things like an exhibit in Los Angeles and getting ready to go back to school, but the virus swept in, cancelled my exhibit and my chances of going back to school. We adopted our, now huge, puppy Dorian. Things were looking great.

Then the kids were trapped at home. I became incredibly burnt-out. I quit painting and had an art sale with CRAZY MATTRESS SALE kinds of discounts to pay for an autism evaluation. It was very fruitful, because I did get my diagnosis, along with the added ADHD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder diagnosis. I was very relieved by my Autism diagnosis and I'm counting that as a win.

The new school year started and the schools here were not being as careful as I would've liked. So I decided to spend time that I would've normally spent painting teaching them. But that painting itch came back again. (Which I'm also counting as a win, because I didn't really feel like I'd ever make it back from this burnout.) We we rearranged all of the bedrooms and I gained my studio space back. Though I have not spent time at an easel yet, I'm happy just knowing it's there waiting for me.

I took the kids on a very safe trip out to New Mexico to see my mom and really enjoyed spending time with her in the dessert. Soon after that I received sad news that my dear friend Patrick died. And I took some time off to reflect on our friendship and what it meant to me.

I've had many health issues throughout this year, but it is currently on a positive note with doctors who are actually listening to me--finally. And therapy has definitely been a big bonus; to be able to vent about self-quarantining with a teenager and a tweenager.

Overall it's been a donkey-fucking roller coaster of a year.

I am hopeful looking into 2021. I have no big plans and no real expectations. I'm super glad that there's a vaccine and, even though there's a new strain traveling the world right now, science is incredibly advanced. I put my faith in the people doing the work. And I might be able to really go back to school in 2021. I have about three meetings to attend to figure it all out, but, again, I'm hopeful. I'm still looking forward, because that's really all you can do.

I hope you're all making it through to 2021 with me, hopeful, patient, and safe.

<3 The Pop Art Girl

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