Good news: they're removing my entire thyroid and I won't have to worry about thyroid cancer anymore! Bad news: they changed the date of my surgery and now I have to change the dates of The Art Shop. (Okay, not the worst news ever.)

I've decided to move up the start of The Art Shop to May 29th! (It'll be the 28th for newsletter subscribers,) I will be driving back from New Mexico around this time, but I'll just bring my laptop with me and do it from the road.

I have to change the end date, too, because I won't be able to package paintings post-surgery. And I like to package my paintings with love and all of that. I don't trust anyone else to do it!

So, the new Art Shop dates are as follows:

May 28th: The Art Shop Opens for Newsletter Subscribers

May 29th: The Art Shop Opens to the General Public

June 14th: The Last Day of the Art Shop

June 15th-16th: Packaging Paintings

June 17th: Paintings Ship

If you're a newsletter subscriber keep a look-out for the link on the morning of the 28th. If you're not a newsletter subscriber keep a look-out on social media for the link on the 29th!

<3 The Pop Art Girl

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