Even More Art Shop Details!

As you know by now, what with me constantly posting about it, the Art Shop will be open May 29th through June 14th. (There will be prints, but I am having trouble deciding which ones, so I made a questionnaire for that!) After the Art Shop closes I'll be packaging and shipping all of the paintings that sold. The paintings that didn't sell will be either hung in the studio for next summer's Art Shop or put into storage. (Probably put into storage.)

When you're shopping in the Art Shop please keep in mind that all of the details about each painting will be in the listing description. The size, the edges, whether or not it's wired, and any dents or scratches will be in the listing description. If there are any scratches or scrapes those will have pictures in the listing. Some of the paintings are new and won't have any issues, but most of these paintings have been in storage. They will have rubs and scrapes.

Also, please keep shipping costs in mind when ordering. Shipping alone, without boxes and tape and environmentally-friendly bubble wrap, can run from $13.95 for a small painting up to $59.60 for larger paintings. Prints will have a flat rate of $4.70. I don't want you to get shipping shock when you hit the checkout!

I really, really want you to share your paintings and tag me. There are very few things that make me as happy as seeing paintings in their new homes! Don't be shy. I want to see them!

<3 The Pop Art Girl

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