Having A Little Fun

So... the other day I got a little too curious about all of the clothing items I could put my art on. (I know I'm not the only artist who does this.) So I started going through all of the items that printful--the dropship company I use--has to offer.

I already knew they had the dresses available, but never thought any of my full designs would be flattering on a dress like that. That's when I began to layer my designs over themselves. And through a bit of play I ended up with a pattern that Gucci would be envious of. (Big-headed much, Liz?) I'm not kidding, though. I love it that much. Check it.

After that, I kind of lost control. I couldn't stop.

I put the same design on a bomber jacket and a mini skirt. I couldn't help myself.

After that, you know I had to use the Scream and Shout mouth, too. So I gave it the same overlap treatment. And this time ended up with a very cool pattern that didn't even look like the same mouth anymore. It took on its own life. What was I to do? Stand in the way of this gorgeous jacket coming to life? Oh, no. It had to be done.

If you're thinking, "Surely, you stopped there, though, right?" you'd be wrong, because I did not. I made an alternate, more colorful bomber jacket. And now you're probably thinking, "Well, that's just not possible, Liz!" But it is! Lookit!!! Scream. Shout. Kick ass. All is possible in this baddass bomber jacket.

I've created quite the dilemma for myself, now, because I want to own all of the things.

And then... yeah, there's more... then I wanted to see what else I could put on this bomber jacket, because I like it so much and I did something that started out feeling silly, but now I want to buy hundreds of them and hand them out in the streets. Do you want to see it?

It's an official The Pop Art Girl bomber jacket! And you can buy it! And wear it! And I am totally getting myself one!

There are more products, and I love them all, but I didn't want to drown you in fabulousness. I can barely process it all and I am the designer. If you want to check out the rest you can find them in the shop.

Have fun!

<3 The Pop Art Girl

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