Having Fun; Creating Art

When I tell you that just having fun and not worrying about marketing or promoting or how my work will be received has helped me to create more art, I am not joking. I finished four paintings yesterday. Four.

The problem now is that I only have two canvases left. I don't want to buy more when I have, quite literally, hundreds of paintings in storage. So, I guess I'll pop on my winter coat and trudge out in the cold to pick a few paintings that I won't be sad about painting over. (Which I'm usually not.)

Now... I can't show you the finished pieces before my newsletter subscribers have had a chance to open their emails and look, but I can show you a very happy me standing with three of the new paintings. And one of the new paintings has already made its debut in a tiktok video.

The lesson here is that if you haven't subscribed to my newsletter and you feel like you're missing out then you need to scroll to the bottom of any page on my website--even this one--and sign up! And if you're not following me on tiktok and, again, feel like you're missing out, then hop over there and give me a follow!

<3 The Pop Art Girl

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