How I Use Spoonflower

I want to point out that this is just my personal experience with Spoonflower and I have not tried other fabric printing companies.

When I started using Spoonflower, all those years ago, I was using it with the very specific purpose of designing clothing. Now, as a pop art painter, I use it as another way to get my art seen. But, in this way, it's more tangible. It's not just seen; it's used. I like to imagine that people are using it to make very cool clothes. However, I never ask, so I really don't know.

I receive a certain amount of spoondollars for every purchase someone makes with my patterns/prints on them. It's not a lot and I hardly ever cash it out. I typically just use it to buy more swatches. I like fabric.

Rupaul Charles design adjust screen on Spoonflower

When you upload a design to Spoonflower you get a chance to choose a repeat and a size, but other than that the design should be pretty much finished before you upload. Let's take my Rupaul Charles design, for instance. It was already edited from the "ConDRAGulations On The Emmy" painting to a simple image with a pink background. So all I did was adjust the repeat to a half-drop and make the design much smaller.

RuPaul Test Swatch on Satin

When you upload a design you don't get to just sell it automatically. You have to order a swatch of it first. Which makes sense to me. (And I just like getting fabric swatches in the mail.) I tend to order multiple swatches of new designs at one time. It's less expensive and just easier for me to remember to do all at once. Plus, I'm usually uploading multiple designs at one time.

When the swatches arrive, if you order multiple, they come on one large cut of printed fabric in 8" by 8" squares. Sometimes I will cut them and separate them, but because this is satin I thought it safer to keep them all together.

After I receive the fabric and approve it I can mark it for sale to the general public and it shows up in my Spoonflower shop like this:

If I end up not liking a design swatch then I either edit it and order another swatch or I remove it from my available prints.

I do order fat quarters (18" by 24" pieces) of my own designs sometimes just to have some fun and refresh the old sewing skills. In my Prints and Patterns post I had pictures of my most recent purchases.

Spoonflower is a fun way for me to use one-off paintings over and over again. And I hope you'll check it out!

<3 The Pop Art Girl

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