My Top 10 Favorite Female Artists On Instagram!

If you know anything about me know I am a huge fan of these two things: artists supporting artists and women supporting women.

With that in mind, I wanted to share with you some of the women artists on Instagram whose work and posts bring me joy. Some are women who are classically trained and have been creating for decades. Some are babies who have just really started on their art journey. And some of them are somewhere in between--like me!

In no particular order, here we go:

@ArtByHero creates surreal and imaginative pop art.

I'm sure you can guess that what I love about her work is the bright colors and bold lines, but I also really like the subject matter.

@PinkLomein_ is a painter, illustrator, and printmaker

I love how she tempers these bold colors with neutrals. And I love the characters she creates. There is calmness in the lines.

@Squidvishuss is a babe creating babes for babes.

I love how her thin lines make her work feel very ethereal. It's really cool that her work is inclusive of all skin colors and body types. (She also embroiders her babes on hoops which i very cool.)

@MidgeBlitz is a designer and crafter in New Jersey.

I found her work originally through New Profanity. It's very bold and I love it. I even bought one of her tees.

@RipBambi creates femme fetish art.

She really puts the ink in kink if you know what I mean. ;) Her lines are strong and her message is clear.

@wolfmumma is both an illustrator and a tattooer.

She is definitely an artist I would save up to get tattooed by.

@tiffanybchanel is a pop art painter.

I've been following her work for about a year. Her talent is extraordinary and the way she uses color blows my mind.

@DollyGArt is a traditional artist.

Dolly and I met doing an exhibit in Franklin, TN. I think it was an art crawl. Her pencil work has impeccable detailing. And her paintings are quite beautiful.

@Rebecca_Leveille_Guay is an established artist and I am a huge fan.

The texture and depth in her paintings rivals the greatest impressionists.

@KTDidArt is a relatively new artist.

I found her work on tiktok. It's quirky and fun. I relish her tiktok prowess, because I'm not so great on there.

Go follow these artists!

And, if you really like their work, be sure to like and comment on their posts so that they know you're out there! Share some of your favorite instagram artists in the comments!

<3 The Pop Art Girl

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