New Painting (Wet'N'Wild Barbie)

I've been getting some work done on the new painting and wanted my blog readers to be the first to see!

I'm painting a Wet'n'Wild Barbie. She's floating in space. I used some Liquitex Iridescent Pearl paint when mixing the colors for the Barbie so that it has a nice spacey sheen. The planets will also have that sheen when I paint them in after the blue is finished.

It's a fun piece, for sure. You can just enjoy it, but there is a meaning. (Eeh gads!) Normally, I don't go all in about meaning when painting a fun piece. This one, though, is a subtle jab at the Reagan Era and the gross consumerism of the 1980's.

I don't want to get to political, because BLEH, but I wouldn't be surprised if one day there was a used-up, matted-hair, Barbie doll floating out in the Universe, drifting through space, a plastic reflection of our capitalist America, when no one wanted to be better, just look better.

Barbie wasn't my favorite toy. My favorite toy was Puppy In Your Pocket. I still have one. Barbie is more recognizable, though. I do love Barbie. I have a doll around my studio somewhere.

I'm feeling very nostalgic lately. So tell me, what was your favorite childhood toy? Or favorite toy now?

<3 The Pop Art Girl

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