New Pop Art Notebooks Coming Soon

I am one of those people that can't walk by a section of notebooks or journals in stores without, at the very least, flipping through a few. I have I don't know how many notebooks around the house. Some of them haven't even been written in, but it doesn't matter. I love them. They make me happy.

The other day I was digging through some things and found some of the old notebooks that I designed. Do you remember those? Well, I designed some more of the spiral notebooks and I love them and I ordered some proofs.

When the proofs arrive I'll take some pictures and set up some pre-order listings. The picture here is one of the covers that I made for them. There's also a greenish one of the eyes and a giraffe and a ziggy stardust, etc. I'll post them in my Insta stories so you can take a look.

<3 The Pop Art Girl

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