New Spiral Notebooks

The small test spiral notebooks came in the mail right before the the print sale ended. The print sale went well enough so that I could order some large tester spiral notebooks. So, I ordered those today.

I like how the small testers turned out. Here are some details:

  • 6" by 8"

  • full color, gloss cover

  • 80 lined pages

  • spiral binding

  • cute eye watermark on every page

  • my cat loves them

The large notebook details are:

  • 8" by 10" size

  • full color, gloss cover

  • 120 lined pages

  • cute eye watermark on every page

  • my cat hasn't seen them, yet, but I'm sure she'll nap with them, too

All of the notebooks will have original artwork, some with realistic backgrounds for fun. The testers have labels on the back and I decided that I don't like them. A copyright page is probably enough, so I'm going to remove the labels. We'll see how that looks on the large notebooks. The small tester notebooks also have the eye watermark in the middle of the top page, but I made it smaller and moved it to see how I like it in the corners.

Let me know if you have any specifications that you look for in you stationary.

<3 The Pop Art Girl

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