New Year, New Studio

This is the first time in a long time that I have felt comfortable in my own skin. So I'm making no resolutions for change. However, after a few years of not having one, I finally have a full art studio again and it could use a touch-up.

Most artists tend to keep their studios white to prevent color reflections on their work; so they have a more accurate perception of their colors. It's also good to have white studio walls for pictures for clients. It makes it easier for them to imagine the paintings on any other color of wall.

I am dismissing this idea as no fun at all. Also, though, I have light sensitivities. Typically I can completely zone out when painting. I get into hyper-focus and don't see or think of anything else other than what is in front of me. This is calming and cathartic. But it's much harder to do when the walls are too bright and cause headaches.

That's why I've decided to shirk tradition and make myself a calming, comforting place to work instead. And if that reflects in my work... too bad I guess. I have to start putting my Autism in front of my work. My brain is autistic. And I'm hopeful that by putting my autism first and my autistic needs first I can prevent future burnout. Or, maybe, tamper it a little.

Anyway, I'm very excited about this transition. The theme is "Moody Studio" and my inspiration is this picture. (I found it on pinterest. If you know what it's from please tell me so I can give proper credit.) The walls are going to be Valspar's Berrylicious--the top color in the color swatch picture above. I found a pink rug and I ordered a white desk with gold accents. Sadly it's on backorder, but that's probably good since I haven't started painting, yet. There is going to be one white-walled corner of the room next to a window and that's where my easel will be.

When I go back to school next year the desk portion will be where I do my homework and I'm excited to have such a versatile space that can function for all of my special interests.

I can't wait to finish it and share it with you! Have you started any new projects in the New Year?

<3 The Pop Art Girl

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