I had plans for the day. There were things I wanted to get done and goals that I wanted to accomplish. However, upon attempting to make a plan of attack my brain decided to remind me of the shelf that needs to be hung, the dinosaur that I wanted to paint strawberries on, and the two new unicorns that my husband bought me. There are knick-knacks that need to be found to be put on the shelf that needs to be hung. There are paint colors to decide on for the strawberries that I wanted to paint on the dinosaur. There are two canvas that I had idea for that I can't remember now. We're going to the Zoo this week and I have to keep that in the forefront of my brain or I'll have complete anxiety when it comes up. I also wanted to go for a hike later in the week. Oh shit, my son needs new jeans and I need new boots. Which days are sunny? I need to prioritize those days in my planning. What are our lessons in English and Science today? Ugh. I still need to exercise and take a shower.

And there you have it. Complete overwhelm.

My browser is set to open Duoling and Wiki's special random page everytime it starts up. I like to learn something new everyday and I have spent ten years trying to learn French. Having the browser open to those pages helps me to accomplish at least one thing every day. (Sometimes more than once a day.) And on days like today when my executive dysfunction gets the better of me, it really helps to know that I've done at least one thing.

I trimmed and filed my nails as well, because having long nails gives me sensory overload and my nails were clacking on my keyboard. So I quickly got that out of the way.

Two things accomplished. Now I can narrow that entire paragraph up there down to two things that I absolutely have to do today: shower and homeschool. Now, if I wait to shower until after my husband gets home than I can fit in a work-put while he's doing Math and History work with the kids. Oh, but I wanted to fit in some tiktok videos. Fuck it. I'll just repost something old. If I hang the shelf--a ten minute task--right now, before I eat lunch then I will not have to worry about it again. I'm going to go do that while I'm thinking about it.

Thanks for joining me on this mental rollercoaster ride!

<3 The Pop Art Girl

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