Preparation Is Key Tee

(I like the title, because it rhymes.)

There's already a video of the Preparation Is Key t-shirt on my tiktok, but I also like to post pictures of me wearing the shirt so people can see where the design lands. I took a few pictures and will added them to the listing already.

I didn't mean to put it off as long as I did, but we're here now. The detail on this shirt is amazing. The weapons and the text on the weapons manuals are very clear. I added a pink background to the black and white tees, because the actual background of the painting did not translate well to a t-shirt, but having a simple black or white background was boring. (But if you're looking for something with the background there is a Preparation Is Key throw blanket that is absolutely divine.)

If you're interested you can find the Preparation Is Key t-shirt here.

<3 The Pop Art Girl

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