Prince in the Studio

It's funny to me that people always want to know what kind of music, or noise, artists have playing while they paint. It's not something I ever really thought about when learning about other artists.

I can't paint without music, though. It's hard to focus on a canvas without noise. I have tried to listen to podcasts while painting, but they don't put me in a productive mood; there's too much to think about. I've tried ambient noise as well; rain, fire, waves crashing. There's no rhythm, though. It's hard to flow without a rhythm.

We all know I didn't get a lot of painting done this year, but music was still very prevalent in this house and in my studio. Especially, while packaging up paintings after the art sale.

I really like that Spotify has a year-in-review sort of thing. My top five artists for 2020 were: Prince, Lizzo, Taylor Swift, Fleetwood Mac, and INXS.

I was surprised that Taylor Swift and Fleetwood Mac were in my top 5. I like them both, obviously, but I didn't know I liked them that much. And it's weird that my top artists don't match up with my top songs. I know that top songs are going to be single songs and top artists are going to be all songs from that artist added together, but I really thought there'd be some overlap in the top five and there is not.

Let me know if you want to see my top five songs and be sure to leave your top five artists in the comments below!

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