Prints = Notebooks

Okay, I'll tell you. :) I opened the print shop so that I could devote more resources to creating stationary. Stationary is a special interest of mine. I collect it. I use a lot of it. I like the paper textures and fun page designs and even the smell of newly made stationary.

I wanted to really be able to invest a bit of time into putting my art and my time into creating fun and unique stationary. And for myself just because I love it so much. I think I can make some really great stationary for like-minded weirdos.

But, because I am me, I want to really test the stationary until it's perfect. And that costs money. The spirals were cute enough as they were, but I want them to really be something special, something crazy-good. And have bigger sizes available, too.

(This is merely a side project for now. I promised a painting shop this summer and I plan on delivering some really fun and funny things for you. In the past three days I've created three new paintings, already.)

So go get some prints! I know you want them, because you told me you did!

<3 The Pop Art Girl

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