Space Is Beyond Me

I have no concept of space, especially large space. I don't know what or why this is, but it is. When I first started this whole painting-full-time-to-make-money thing you could tell by my paintings that I had no concept of space. The subjects would either overwhelm the canvas and be cropped off oddly or they would be way to small and I would end up filling in the extra space.

So, now I start with small sketches of the painting idea. I will sketch out my concept for a painting in small boxes in my sketchbook or on scrap pieces of paper. This gives me a definitive amount of space to work in. Then I will use a projector to see it on the canvas to make sure it is correct, spatially.

An added benefit to this process is that my canvas doesn't get smudgy and messy while I'm sketching and erasing and sketching again. This is big for me, because I can get really frustrated by smudges. I'm a little OCD. That's not a generalization or a stereotype. It's umbrella'd under my autism.

It's an entire extra step that a lot of painters don't have to do, but it's worth it, to me, in the end.

<3 The Pop Art Girl

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