The Thyroid Issue

I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. It is an autoimmune condition that makes your body attack itself--mostly in the intestines, the thyroid, and the joints. Joint pain is why I'm not nearly as productive as I was five years ago. Hashimoto's causes hypothyroidism and gluten intolerance. (I'm not 100% sure that I don't have celiac disease, too, but we'll get to that another time.) It also wreaks havoc on your immune system. It can take me weeks to recover from a common cold.

Last year when I contracted coronavirus I literally though I was going to die. It was the worst experience ever. I did experience some side effects from the vaccine, but those were nothing compared to the virus itself. Obviously, I didn't, however, contracting coronavirus set off a chain of events in my body that had me in and out of doctor's offices all last year. I had my blood tested many times, I had hives and rashes, and so much pain in my stomach and my joints. That chain of events led to the finding of a growth in my thyroid. There is a pretty good chance that it is cancerous.

On Friday morning I will be having surgery to get rid of the side of my thyroid that my growth is on. This won't change anything when it comes to medications or whatever. I have to take a thyroid medication anyway. My thyroid hasn't functioned normally in over half a decade.

All this to say, please be patient with Art Shop stuff while I go through this. I am always happy to answer any art shop questions. I would definitely prefer that you ask me anything instead of just wonder. So, please, reach out if you have any Art Shop questions! But also be patient when waiting for a reply. :D

Wish me luck!

<3 The Pop Art Girl

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