Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

I tried to condense it down to only five, but I couldn't do it. Even taking it down to ten I still felt that I had to make a section for Honorable Mentions. With shows that are produced by their streaming services I like to re-watch all of the previous seasons before I watch a new season. So those shows I've seen each season as many times as there are seasons.

These are my top ten favorite TV shows in no particular order:

Community - This show makes me happy. I like that the plot isn't purely driven by romantic entanglements. I like the writing especially. And the Dean is probably my favorite character. I've always strongly identified with Abed and never knew why until I realized I was also Autistic. Although it's only directly mentioned in the show once as a jab, there are mentions of "spectrum" and Dan Harmon, the writer of Community, realized he was Autistic as he was writing Abed's character.

Fleabag - This show pulls on every single emotion all at once. I might be in love with Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Schitt's Creek - I love how they approached Schitt's Creek as if there was no homophobia in existence. It was beautiful and safe and that's the way the world should be. It's also a lot of strong personalities butting up against each other and you don't see that a lot in comedy. So, it's all-around refreshing.

Grace and Frankie - The best best friends on television. Turns Golden Girls on their heads. I did a small collection of paintings inspired by Grace and Frankie.

Stranger Things - I'm in love with the set and the clothes and the nerdiness of it all. I'm an 80's baby so it drips with nostalgia. Also, it's good family fun. We watch it with the kids.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - This show is like Gilmore Girls, but for grown-ups. Midge is hilarious and I wish for an ounce of her self-confidence in the world. The show is beautiful to watch with the clothes and the settings.

Bridgerton - Speaking of gorgeous clothes and gorgeous settings... Bridgerton also has the most attractive man on television. The Duke? I swoon. I normally don't go for these overdramatized shows, but it's not as dry as a typical British romance.

The Golden Girls - the original best best friends on television. Sometimes, I wish they were a little nicer to Rose. I watch Golden Girls when my anxiety is really bad. It's a security blanket.

New Girl - Yes. I still like the quirky girl trope. It's really the only place I fit in. My favorite part of the entire series, though, is Winston and his cat.

Bill Nye Saves the World/Bill Nye the Science Guy - I consider these the same show for people my age. We grew up watching Bill Nye and now we get him back as adults, but adultier.

Honorable Mentions:

(It's basically a list of my 20 favorite TV shows if I had to separate them between series I've only watched once and series I've watched more than once. These I've only seen once.) Brooklyn 99, In The Dark, The Queen's Gambit, Carnival Row, The End of the Fucking World, One Day At A Time, Sense8, Dead To Me, Royal Oaks, Bob's Burgers.

Please tell me what your favorite shows are in the comments! I'd love to know! <3 The Pop Art Girl

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