Growing up in the town I did, in southwest Missouri, even when I masked with all my might, I was the weird girl. I was made fun of for being too quiet, for saying weird things, for liking things other people didn't like, for eating funny. My clothes never fit right, my shoes were always worn down. People knew who I was when I didn't know who they were, because I was the weird girl.

When I left home for trade school at 17 I was made fun of for walking funny, using "big words", and being one of the only virgins on campus. People knew who I was, because I was weird. It's been like that my whole life.

Then I moved to Nashville. When I started putting my art out there... doing shows, having my work in bars and odd places like that... my art started getting recognized. Since you're usually required to stick with your art during shows, and because it's the age of social media and selfies, I started getting recognized right along with it.

The first time was in WeHo. I was at an art show and a girl ran up to one of my paintings. She looked at it for a while, chuckled to herself and then noticed that I was watching her. "You're the artist" she said. I nodded and braced for mocking. "Yeah. I saw this painting on the event on facebook and had to come see it. I really like your work."

What? No mocking? Just a genuine appreciation for a painting I created. I was so surprised all I could do was smile and fumble out a "thank you". I didn't think to hand her a business card or tell her to sign up for my newsletter or anything. I still forget to hand out business cards or ask people to sign up for my newsletters, because I'm somewhat socially inept, but people don't seem to mind now. All of the things I was made fun of before became things that made me recognizable.

It wasn't long before I became The Pop Art Girl instead of the weird girl, but these days I like either just fine.

<3 The Pop Art Girl

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